uglyBROS-USA + The Mighty Motor presents ‘DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES’


DTLA, by The Mighty Motor

Downtown Los Angeles may not be the first riding destination to many visitors coming to LA and we are ok with that.

Between the modern sky scrapers and mid century architecture, some areas are still a little shady. Sparking the “What the fuck am I doing here?” out of your bearded mouth. Especially after the sun goes down.


But if you know where to go or take the time to wander around you’ll start to uncover some of the best things LA has to offer. The flavors and style through the years have now congealed into their own Angeleno lexicon. One that has drawn some of the the best taste makers, restaurants and bars in the country.


We took some people we call friends and went for a ride through the streets of the city. We started out at Ugly Bros U.S. headquarters and rolled out from there. Here are some of the scenes of DTLA.

























This post was made possible by uglyBROS USA and British Customs

uglyBROS-USA + The Mighty Motor presents ‘Road To Corsa Motoclassica’


Road to Corsa MotoClassica by The Mighty Motor

Just because you’re a spectator at The Corsa Motclassica at Willow Springs doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun along the way. The day started after one of the few rainy and windy days Southern California has experienced this spring in East L.A. heading north to Little Tujunga Canyon. The road was empty with the exception of some cyclists working way harder than they needed to on such a beautiful day. Crossing through Canyon Country we made the ritual stop at The Oaks Lodge for a quick bite before we climbed out of Bouquet Canyon into the desert.











The vintage races at Willow Springs are not to be missed, even if the track is too big for the bikes, even if it is in the middle of the worst part of the mojave desert, even if you don’t race, this place was a moto-enthusiasts dream. People came from as far away as japan to spend the day racing bikes that were up to 50 years old if not older. The pits were alive with comradery trying to squeeze half a horsepower out of these old machines. A big thanks to Brady walker for getting us involved, see you next year…












After seeing all the great bikes and meeting a lot of great people we had to ride back the same way we came… Bummer…


This post was made possible by uglyBROS USA ..

20th-Anniversary Corsa Motoclassica

Photo May 05, 4 21 17 PM

Corsa Motoclassica is an annual race originally brought to you by the Garage Company. The event originally started back in 1995. this is a public event organized by AHRMA and is the closest AHRMA event to Los Angeles, Here’s Mini Photo coverage of this year’s race by uglyBROS USA

Photo May 05, 4 15 03 PM

The Corsa Moto¬Classica, now in its 20th year. It was a labor of love and love of racing that prompted Mr. Garage Company, aka Yoshinobu Kosaka, to make it all happen in the first place. Just call him Yoshi. He’s been into vintage and performance bikes since the early 1970s, and his vintage bike “hobby” accelerated once he made his home in Los Angeles more than 20 years ago. Yoshi’s treasure trove of classic bikes, accessories, books and apparel is housed museumlike within a 5,400-square-foot shop located not far from Los Angeles’ Santa Monica beach. Not only does Yoshi restore vintage iron and build custom bobbers, he takes them to the racetrack as well, and is good enough to have earned a national AHRMA title in 1993 in Formula 250.

Photo May 05, 4 14 03 PM

After futile efforts to convince the American Historic Racing Motor¬cycle Association (AHRMA) to bring sanctioned vintage racing to California, Yoshi decided to build it and see if they would come. So he put together the first Corsa Moto¬Classica at Willow Springs in 1995 and AHRMA did come, sanctioning the race action, and has been doing so ever since. In addition to the racing—which includes just about every category and class of bike out there—the event also features a classic bike show and a swap meet. It’s an event for enthusiasts in the truest sense of the word. It’s not frilly, but a get-down-and-dirty-in-the-pits type of scene, where you can literally walk in amongst the racebike crews and—if your ears can stand it—get up close and personal to the likes of un¬baffled vintage MV Agustas, Ducatis, Triumphs, Nortons, BSAs, Hondas, Yamahas, Harley-Davidsons, Indians and Vincents…the full spectrum of blasts from the past. Not to mention herds of race-kitted newer bikes in Heavyweight Super Bike and Formula II, all blasting off in thundering waves during the three-day event held this year in early May, the racers zeroing in on Willow from the four corners of the United States and beyond.

Photo May 05, 4 17 06 PM

Ifyou want to “get real” and enjoy racing on the edge, ogle splendid historic motorcycles and breathe in some wild open spaces, head on out to next year’s Corsa MotoClassica at equally historic Willow Springs

Article Partially from the Rider Magazine

Photo May 05, 4 26 42 PM

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All NEW Carpenter Style Riding Jeans SMITH is here!


Introducing all new Carpenter style riding jeans SMITH from uglyBROS-USA

SMITH is made of 11 oz Denim with accent Hammer loop and Extra Seat Patch that helps reduce wear and tear of seat area from your motorcycle ride.

As usual for uglyBROS jeans, SMITH comes with Elastic Shirring panels above knee and Lower back for easy movements and of course, CE approved removable Knee and Hip Armor pads as well.

Color of SMITH is bit tricky to describe,
Our special multi-step garment washing process helped us achieve it’s distinctive color as Brown-ish Warm Grey.

You will find it as Brown with hint of Warm grey under the direct Sunlight and more of Warm Grey under the interior light or at night

Overall, All New SMITH is a Carpenter Style High fashion riding jeans from uglyBROS, for those who looking for comfort and safety while on a Motorcycle and high fashion everyday jeans off the bike

and check it out for yourself





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Echo – k Kevlar Jean, Review by 4H10


uglyBROS USA // Echo – k Kevlar Jean

Les « jeans moto » ont toujours existé, il y a les trop larges, les beaucoup trop délavés, ceux qui comportent des dizaines de coutures et poches inutiles ou même ceux qui vous ruinent votre soirée Meetic tant il jure avec le reste de votre tenue … :/

Les marques proposant des jeans moto techniques et à la coupe impeccable se comptent sur les doigts d’une seule main.

Une fois de plus, c’est la marque coréenne d’accessoires moto UGLYBROS qui réalise presque un sans faute avec le jean Kevlar ECHO-K.

The ” motorcycle jeans ” have always existed, there was too broad, and too faded , those with dozens of unnecessary seams and pockets or even those ruining your evening Meetic as it clashes with the rest of your outfit … : /

Brands offering technical motorcycle jeans and perfect cut can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Once again , UGLYBROS almost achieves flawless with Kevlar jeans ECHO -K.

Photos Götz Göppert :





Ce jean à la coupe regular est fabriqué en toile denim 12 OZ et renforcé en Kevlar Dupont (30% de kevlar), la qualité de fabrication est comme toujours excellente et il est quasi impossible de savoir qu’il s’agit d’un jean « technique ».

La coupe droite est digne de grands nom du denim, la couleur « dark blue » totalement dans la tendance et la longueur des jambes suffisante pour permettre un ourlet (ou deux). Le bouton et l’étiquette arrière tous deux estampillés UGLYBROS complètent la finition impeccable.

This regular fit jeans is made of 12 OZ and Dupont Kevlar reinforced (30% Kevlar ) , the quality is excellent as always and it is almost impossible to know there is a jean “technical” .

The straight cut is worthy of great name denim , color ” dark blue ” totally on trend and length of legs enough to allow a hem ( or two). The button and the back label both stamped UGLYBROS complete the impeccable finish.


Bien qu’assez épais (12oz) et donc pas vraiment souple, le UGLYBROS ECHO-K ne comporte pas de doublure thermique intérieure (comme certains modèles de la marque) et ne vous protège donc pas particulièrement du froid mais à l’énorme avantage d’être portable toute l’année.

Bien que la maille Kevlar renforce la résistance à l’abrasion, aucune coque amovible n’est présente sur ce jean.

Un excellent classique !

Although quite thick ( 12oz ) and therefore not really flexible , ECHO -K UGLYBROS has no inner thermal liner (as some models of the brand ) and therefore protects you not particularly cold but the huge advantage be mobile throughout the year.

Though Kevlar mesh strengthens abrasion resistance , no removable cap is present on the jeans .

A great classic!

The Bike Shed MC Gear Guide #49 TWIGGY jeans Review


Posted by garethmax on Mar 8, 2015 in Gear Guide



It’s rare to find good looking protective clothing, and even rarer to find bike wear for women that’s protective AND fashionable. It’s almost non existent.

This is where Ugly Bros have pulled off a coup with the Twiggy jean. Made from 12oz stretch denim with elastic shirring knee and lower waist back panels, they come with removable Powertector knee and hip protectors. They are fastened with a tough YKK zipper in a skinny true to size fit. They come in black and an indigo fade.


Tested by friend of The Bike Shed, Sabrina Nova, she enthused “The wash on the blue Twiggy’s is beautiful. They have a comfortable high waist, have a good degree of stretch that allow me to move around the bike. The armour is instantly removable and the jeans look great with and without it.” Living and riding in Florida, where you can literally roast yourself riding in leathers, these serve Sabrina as a practical and reasonably well ventilated alternative to hide, whether cruising on her Harley or tearing it up on her wicked CB cafe racer. Here in the UK these are suitable a spring/summer wear.


Born almost a decade ago, Ugly Bros came to life from a desire to fuse protective motorcycle gear with high-style fashion garments. “Anyone who rides a motorcycle will know wearing your moto gear all day is impractical.”

Vince, the founder of Ugly Bros, has developed a range that takes a very different approach to bike wear.

“We felt it was time for a new range of garments. Designed to satisfy the needs of both Riders and ‘Biker Style’ fashionistas, equally protective, as they were fashionable, that looked as great in the office or around town, as they did on the bike.”


The result is high-style fashion fused with function and safety technology, and in Twiggy a great looking jean than women can feel confident in both on and off the bike.

Images courtesy of J Gavin Jordan, and a big thanks to Sabrina.

Photos from uglyBROS-USA Fans and Friends

Photo Aug 04, 8 32 44 PM

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