The setup is classic – you bought your bike after binging Sons of Anarchy or watching a season of Moto-GP racing, and now it’s time to gear up for your first ride. You go into the Motogear shop – the gloves, the helmet, the jacket, the boots; all are slick, perfectly suited for that riding style you’ve been imagining. All that’s left is the motopants. Heart racing as you can already hear the whistling of air in your ears speeding down the highway, you step up to the riding pants section.

The ride stops short as reality comes crashing down on you with a sickening crunch. These look like pants your dad might wear painting the house. Huge straight-cut light washed jeans with gigantic, conspicuous patches. Khaki cargo pants that should never have stepped out of the closet. With the typical motogear store, a casual motorcycle’s look has not evolved past the 80’s.

The founders of uglyBROS understood this better than most, and they decided to do something about it. We understand that most riders have a checklist of three items when looking for men’s motorcycle pants: STYLE, COMFORT, and SAFETY. You go to the motogear shop, you’re likely to satisfy two of the three at best. Not so with uglyBROS motopants.

Coming in a variety of washes, cuts, and styles, uglyBROS Men’s Motorcycle Pants solve the usual issues riding newbies and veterans alike find while looking for gear: stylish pants that you can wear while on long or short rides that can provide the protection of the blockier lower body gear.

Each line offered by uglyBROS solves this in its own unique way. If you’re looking for men’s Kevlar® -lined riding pants, look no farther than the Motorpool line, coming in black, dark-washed blue, olive, and grey. Work with your hands? Pick up some Smiths, a slim straight cut workman’s motopants, complete with sewed-in hammer loop.

If you’re looking for a classic riding leathers look but can’t stand the feel and stuffiness of actual leather hosiery, the waxed denim Johnny line are the perfect replacement. The polyurethane coated black-washed jeans give you the look of leather men’s motorcycle pants without the sweaty, uncomfortable aftermath.

uglyBROS men’s motopants cover almost any situation – need an all-weather option? The Tonup line comes with an inner thermolayer for cold mornings and nights. Need a low-profile option that has the silhouette and look of a pair of slacks? The Larva line’s slim fit and black wash has your back.

Specifically designed with the style-conscious in mind, each pair of uglyBROS Men’s Motorcycles Pants is made to give you the most casual riding aesthetic possible while keeping you as safe and comfortable as any pair you’d find in the dreaded motopants section at your local store. Don’t settle for a mediocre pair of riding pants just because they offer some Kevlar® seating – uglyBROS gives you the look and style of your choosing with the near invisible durability and protection of in-built Kevlar® -linings.