Our women's motorcycle riding jeans are the perfect blend of style, comfort, and protection. The entire current collection features mid-rise skinny fit jeans made from heavyweight denim, offering both impact protection and abrasion resistance. Additionally, the slight stretch in the material ensures enhanced mobility and comfort, so you can ride with ease and confidence.

Our abrasion-resistant liners are crafted using premium Para-Aramid fibers that provide excellent quality. The liner is designed to stretch and breathe, ensuring maximum comfort. To find riding pants with a Para-Aramid fiber-reinforced liner, search for the "-K" suffix at the end of the product name, indicating the inclusion of the Para-Aramid liner in the construction.

Our riding pants are designed with our riders in mind and offer the convenience of accommodating removable CE approved Impact Protectors at the hip and knees. These protectors are both secure and easily accessible, providing added safety and peace of mind while riding.

With uglyBROS motorcycle riding jeans, Style, Comfort, and Safety is an all in one package that our riders can enjoy. Ranging over 30 different models to choose from, each product in our collection offers different style, wash, features, and cut for the rider to choose from, according to their preference and needs.

We source only the best there is for quality, and all our aramid liners are made with DuPont Kevlar® fibers. Our Kevlar® liner stretches and breathes, allowing for maximum comfort in various riding conditions that the day has to offer. When looking for a Kevlar® lined riding pants, look for the -K at the end of its name, indicating the Kevlar® liner in the construction.

All of the current collection's uglyBROS riding jeans include removable CE approved Impact Protectors at the hip and knees. Securely placed in the pant's protector inserts, additionally the Knee Protectors are easily accessible through the exterior slots.