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Your new bike is ready and you’re just dying to go on that first ride. You’ve got the classic look going for you: the jacket, gloves, helmet, and boots, everything is ready to go. All you need now is your women’s moto pants and you’re ready to go. You’ve been dreaming of a classic tight blue jean look with a Kevlar® liner and some extra options for protection. You wander the store, looking for the women’s riding denim, imagining the slight give of the suspension as you mount up to fly…but where are they? All you see is some Men’s moto pants, and they’re all desperately ugly.

It dawns on you as you look at the tags that what you’re looking at are actually meant for women. Women’s motorcycle pants that look like a pair someone bought back in the 80’s and kept to wear while painting their house. Blocky, ill-fitted, and coming in terrible stone washes, your dreams of looking like a badass, stylish biker gal come crashing down around you.

This scenario sound familiar to you? We at uglyBROS know it because we’ve all lived it, and we’re determined to do something about it. Every rider has their checklist when buying their gear: comfort, protection, and style. While most Motogear shops forget that last one, uglyBROS puts it in the forefront with their collection of women’s motorcycle pants.

Each line of women’s motorcycle pants offered by uglyBROS solves the problem all rider’s face in a unique way – getting too cold on an early morning ride, the stiffness and discomfort of typical riding protection, and having the option of adding extra armor without the conspicuous patches – all while maintaining maximal low-profile and fashionable designs.

Looking for the protection you get with women’s Kevlar® motorcycle pants, but can’t stand the blocky silhouette stock women’s moto pants give you? Look no farther than the Aegis line of classic blue jeans that gives you the invisible strength and durability of an inner Kevlar® liner.

Does the idea of fashionable women’s Kevlar® motorcycle pants appeal to you, but you’re looking for a style other than blue jeans? The Twiggy line comes in black, charcoal, and silver.

Need some storage space without taking your purse or bag with you everywhere you go? The Motorpool line of women’s moto pants gives you the extra space you need with low profile cargo flap pockets while maintaining the stylish casual riding look with grey and olive washes.

Tired of ending your ride early because it just gets too cold during those gorgeous early Spring or late Fall days? Look no farther than the Tonup line, which uses an inner thermo layer combined with quilted thigh patches to keep you cozy while you take in breathtaking views at daybreak.

Never settle for less than perfect – uglyBROS’ lines of women’s motorcycle pants keeps you feeling safe and comfortable on the bike and looking fresh and stylish while off of it.