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Motorpool-K Bike Exif

Matt: "When I first reviewed the Motorpools, I was impressed with the fit, finish and fashion-forward approach uglyBROS had taken with rider protection.

The CE-rated padding at the hips worked without giving me an hourglass shape. And the ability to slide the armor out of the external knee pockets made them an easy option for casual days at the office, or running errands around town. On top of that, flexible fabric made them as comfortable as all that “athleisure” stuff that’s on fleek with the kids these days"

Motorpool-K Knee Protector

"...Dubbed the Motorpool-K, a Dupont Kevlar liner has been stitched into the seat and thighs, and continues down the length of each leg to just below the knees—essentially covering all the fleshiest bits most likely to need that extra protection."

Motorpool-K Kevlar Lining

"With that skin-saving fabric in place, the slim fit of the Motorpool-K’s gets a touch cozier but there’s no need to size up. The flexibility of the originals remains intact, so any initial snugness fades after the first couple of miles. In fact, now they feel the same on my lowers as the originals, whether out riding or not."

Motorpool-K Close Up

"The only time you become acutely aware of the new addition is during hot weather. The extra layer of fabric can make things a touch warmer during the dog days of summer—but really, this is a tedious point since the protection levels increase exponentially.

Other changes to the Motorpool-K include the swapping of buttons for metal snaps on the cargo and rear pockets. This makes getting into and closing the flaps infinitely easier, especially with a gloved hand, and is worth the $30 surcharge alone, IMHO. Sure, the metal will turn into a branding iron during any extended slides but the snaps all fall well within the Kevlar’s coverage range.

If you’ve been on the fence about the Motorpools because of concerns about abrasion resistance, the Motorpool-K’s are the model for you. They’re an incredibly comfortable set of strides that blend into the urban aesthetic and now, tick all of the protection boxes too."

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Original Article by Matt Neundorf, Bike Exif


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