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"UglyBros Twiggy-K Ladies Motorcycle Jeans Reviewed 

Protective women’s riding jeans with Mad Max style"

By Julia LaPalme February 12,2018

uglyBROS USA has re-released its Twiggy women’s riding jean with Kevlar liner.

Ah, motorcycle riding pants. Likely one of the most challenging items of protective apparel to grace the body of any person riding on two wheels. You’re either going full-blown MotoGP leather, practical textile overpant, or motorcycle jeans. Most riding jeans look like your regular everyday Levi’s, many successfully hiding the fact that they contain armor or built-in Kevlar. But few items on the market embrace the style and functionality of motorcycle protection so distinctively as a pair of UglyBros.
Part motorcycle jean, part Mad Max-style runway statement, UglyBros’ riding jeans have set themselves apart as the most uniquely designed riding pants on the market. Unapologetically embracing the functionality of protective apparel, with a futuristic, grungy take-no-prisoners attitude, UglyBros has been making waves and turning heads since it started selling its protective riding jeans in the US. As the company has sold more pants over the past few years, it has opted to start adding Kevlar to some of its more popular styles, and the Twiggy-K is the first among the women’s options to get the protection upgrade.

Ugly Bros Twiggy K Knee Armor

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